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Puzzles available for content syndication in newspapers and magazines.

Original BQ Puzzle

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    BQ Puzzle Book


Puzzle Rules:

  • Using simple addition, complete the puzzle by filling in each blank cell, based on the sum of the half-sized cells beside it.

  • The darker cells on the edges must contain every number from -16 to 16 (or for smaller puzzles -8 to 8), except 0, with each number appearing only once.

  • Leave no duplicate numbers in the light-colored cells, or in the darker cells.

There is one unique solution.

(Up to four difficulty levels are available for reprint)

       Colored puzzles below are available for Apps only:

Small, Large, Extra large and simple, medium, complex.  All varieties of puzzles are available.


                                    Flower Petal Puzzles                                                                                      Clover Puzzles            

                           Simple, yet challenging Puzzles                                                                   Gargantuan puzzles


                                        Pyramid puzzles                                                                                         Scaffold Puzzles


                                        Checkerboards                                                                                                   Pinwheels

                                                 Spirals                                                                                                 Instructions Video    

How the original puzzles look in print:




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